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Wibree/Zigbee the new protocol for device communication

Thursday, May 17, 2007

In 2003, more than 50 companies had formed an alliance to come up with a new wi-fi protocol that would allow wi-fi devices to draw less power and are cost affective. The new protocol was named Zigbee and uses the 802.15 wi-fi protocol. Control4 is one of the many companies that provides zigbee based solutions.

Last year in 2006, Nokia blew every one out with the new zigbee killer protocol named Wibree. Wibree offers extended battery life for low data transfer rate over "bluetooth" radio frequency. As the new protocol uses the bluetooth frequency it can work over the existing bluetooth hardware and does not require any major changes (unlike zigbee).

As both Wibree and zigbee is useful for devices that send short burst of data, who knows tomorrow you may have a wibree enabled watch that can control your mobile phone over bluetooth radio frequency. The application of Wibree/Zigbee is endless, though it would be interesting to see if the two technology can co-exist.
Nokia AEON concept phone

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