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Windows Vista has some serious refresh Issues

Sunday, May 20, 2007

We are all aware of the fact that windows Vista was released after a long delay without the components that were claimed before. I have been ranting and whining a lot about Windows Vista issues, as I am finding a new bug almost every month. The bugs that I have found can be rated non-critical and all revolve around refresh issue but it proves without saying that there are some known issues in Vista which you would LEAST expect from any other Operating System.

Following are the issues I have found in last few months.

(1) Date-Time "MAY" not update in Start Menu

Though the system clock ticks just fine and programatically you can see the right time using System API, but after 4 months of use, today I found that the system clock in the status bar has stopped updating itself. If I hover the mouse it shows me the correct time though.

(2) Windows Explorer may show File Size in negative

This is quite a bug that I see very often. As a number of users usually enable status bar I would rate this a high nagging bug.

(3) Refreshing Selected Content in Window Explorer increments it's size in Status Bar

(a) Here you see a jpeg file, note the size in the status bar

(b) Select the file and refresh the explorer window. (you wont' see the bug if you don't select the file)

(c) Now note the size in the status bar. You'd see every time the window is refreshed the file size in the status bar doubles.

(4) Broken Open File Dialog Box

(a) Open a file dialog box, for example in notepad, goto file, open menu.

(b) Rename any folder on the left pane

(c) Now look at the address bar

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posted by cacheyourcash, 2:56 PM


I find it weird, that having Vista for a bit more that 3 months, I never found any of those bugs - or any of the bugs I saw on the net.
Neither did my brother - or anyone else around here who uses/used Vista.
We are extremely lucky I guess.
I had a 64bit version that may be the reason.

I reverted to XP nonetheless, as Vista does not give any plus for me, no use to upgrade.

But those bugs seems annoying, and my question is: why do you keep Vista?
commented by Anonymous Roland Hesz, June 22, 2007 at 1:12 AM  
well, i used vista beta 2 for sometime..then vista 32bit ultimate and 64bit ultimate for 3-4 months now..and with a Core2duo +2gbram+7600GT pc..now im planning to switch back to XP pro SP2..

btw..there wasnt any BSODs for me in last 5 months..with the fact that i swicth heavy apps a lot
commented by Anonymous VJ, June 24, 2007 at 7:07 AM  
i want refresh my windows
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