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Windows Dream Scene is broken too

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Though I never intended to start this blog to whine about windows Vista errors, but as I am using it I am finding more and more bugs which are LEAST unexpected. I seriously feel that windows vista should have been released after a thorough testing.

This time the issue is with windows dream scene. I cannot start windows dream-scene as it requires aero theme which ironically is my current theme.

I'll now post my fourth bug.

[UPDATE] As answered in the comments section, the issue was with the error message that was displayed. The message was not specific of the dreamscene requirements. It should have been "dreamscene requires Aero Glass" and not just aero theme. I was running the incompatible Basic Aero theme.

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posted by cacheyourcash, 5:15 AM


I'm pretty sure DreamScene requires Aero Glass, not Aero Basic. From your screenshot it is clear that Aero Glass is NOT the current theme...

This is just a case of a misleading error message :)
commented by Blogger Benoit, May 9, 2007 at 4:38 PM  
Glad YOU told me, setting the color and appearance to aero glass did made dreamscene work. So dreamscene is not actually broken but it's the error message which was not specific of it's requirements. Thanks a bunch!!!

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