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Annoying Captchas

Monday, May 7, 2007

Captchas are used all over the web and is used to keep away spammers by differentiating between humans and computers. Most of the captchas are created using graphic library package and/or scripts that skew and convert alphanumeric characters to an image. Reading and filling captchas are not only time consuming but they are also annoying.

If you have used digg, you'd know that digg's captchas are one of the most unreadable ones.

The following ideas on captchas are pretty interesting that makes it small, readable and un-crackable by spammers

Animated Captchas

The idea behind the animated captchas is to not let show the captcha text in whole at any given time, rather use an overlay animation mechanism to expose the captcha text in parts.

Check out some of the brilliant samples at animerte captcha

Logical Captchas
Other captchas that would make more sense to implement without annoying any one could be logical captchas such as

Asking some question - '5''th character of some random string (there shall be different cases to handle, but well you got the idea)

Other Picture Captchas

Above pics from


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