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Un encyclopedia - The onion of Wikipedia

Friday, April 27, 2007

There are lot many encyclopedias and wiki's out there that would help you learn on varied subjects of interest. Well when you have had enough and want to take a break, try reading random articles on un-encyclopedia. It would make you jump out chair and make you roll over the floor with the hilarious content it has to offer.

Un-encyclopedia is a parody of wikipedia in some sense and have almost the same format. Check out some of the fun articles

Here is a snip of Un-encyclopedia on harley davidson
"Not only will this spectacular invention change our nation, but it will ensure the early death of my daughter's boyfriend," said Harley. Davidson is quoted as saying, "I can finally go to the dentist."

Today Harley-Davidson not only leads the nation in motorcycle production, but also owns 4 states (Iowa, Kansas, North Umbria, and Utah), is responsible for 86% of total human sexual intercourse and 96% of misspelled tattoos. To date, H-D motorcycles have killed almost 2 million stupid boyfriends. Thank you, Harley-Davidson.


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