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In-depth review of OLPC (The 100$ laptop)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Heise (The publisher of famous linux C't german magazine) got a chance to test OLPC. They have now published an in-depth review of the same on their website.

[QUOTE From the article]
The laptop will have 256 MB of DDR 266 DRAM but no hard drive, storing data instead on 1024 MB of NAND flash memory (prototype BTest- 1 has 128 MB DDR and 512 NAND flash). The XO also does without an optical drive, meaning that it has no moving parts inside. Extensions can, however, be added via USB slots and a single SD card slot.

The core of the mainboard is a 366 MHz Geode GX2-500 processor with a mere 32 KB of cache. The x86-compatible CPU is otherwise mainly found in embedded hardware. It contains an integrated graphics chip and Northbridge, but the Southbridge AMD CS5536 rides on its own chip with USB 2.0, audio, and an IDE connection with a data connection of 32 MHz. The system has its own memory controller because the one in the Geode system was too slow for the developers.
[/QUOTE From the article]

[In-Depth OLPC Review By Heise MOBIL]

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