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Air Car - CityCAT, the car that runs on air

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Tata Motors an Indian automaker (who also has major dominance in South African motor market and other countries) shall release the six seater CityCat - AirCar some time mid next year. Air Car is designed and developed by Formula One Engineer - Guy Negre's Design who is working for the France based MDI. The air-car shall run on nothing but compressed air, the compressed air can be refuelued at air stations or overnight using the built-in-air compressor for only 2$ worth of electricity.

With top speed of 60KM/H, the CityCAT shall be priced for 3,50,000 Indian Rupees (7000-9000 US$)

The following are some of the possible designs of the other model (hot-linking to the aircar website, check their website for more specification)

Check out the extensive video on AirCar and the new innovative engine that also work on similar idea

[AirCar OneCat]
[MDI AirCar]
[IBNLive on AirCar]

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