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Make free phone calls

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Using jaxtr you can make free phone calls to any where in the world. Currently you can make calls starting from 29 countries only. You would need the internet only for the first time to make a call and then you can use regular phone.

Here is the procedure to make phone call from US to India

1. Create a user account for someone in your country (say India) at www.jaxtr.com
2. Add India phone to this account. Before you activate, call them on another line and tell the passcode to activate the added number. They will get a call on the added number and need to enter the passcode.
3. Uncheck the box on Home page that says "Receive calls only from people I approve".
4. Logout
5. Access the url created above. i.e. if user name is abc_xyz, the url is www.jaxtr.com/abc_xyz
6. Click on Call me free. Provide your US number. It will call you first and then to India number. When the call is ended you will get a US long distance number(Chicago area code 773) that you can use for further calls. i.e. dialing a US long distance number connects you to India.


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