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Sunday, November 30, 2008

I was previously based in Milwaukee, WI and now have moved to Singapore and I doubt if I'll be updating this blog any more. I'll try to but my current job is keeping me busy.

Anyways I am glad and happy that i have moved out of US and how i wish if Ron Paul was the president. I am saying this after reading his advisor's book

This is a must read that can give you an insight at the pathetic state US is moving in.

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Yin Yang In India

Saturday, May 3, 2008

In India you'd find people building 2 Billion US$ mansions and at the same time those who'd leave every thing just to help the poor. Both stories are pretty interesting and on the opposite side of the coin.

There are some who inherit properties and those who make lives of others easy right from scratch.

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Microsoft VISTA - Very Insane System To Address

Monday, April 28, 2008

Well you may call me mad but I am still running Vista Ultimate on one of my PC. If you ask me it's a good learning experience for me in the sense that I could now realize and understand how big companies can exaggerate and sell steel for the price of platinum.

After almost a year using VISTA and applying Service Pack 1 and other patches on my VISTA box, none of the so many previously mentioned bugs has been fixed. Windows Update can only offer retarded new sound themes (Pearl bla bla), Language packs or Dreamscene videos.

M$ has spent quite a lot of money on R&D but I seriously wonder where all this money goes to? I personally feel that Uncle Sam's Government together would Microsoft would have done a lot better if they would have spent the money in Africa and other poor developing countries. Atleast they would have done little useful.

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How not to create installers

After two years today I re-installed MSN Messenger on my PC (I wanted to give a shot to see how good the new MSN Live Messenger service is as it's been some time and I was hoping to see some improvements especially on the voice quality etc). But G, to my surprise and utter frustration I end up un-installing the crapola from my PC in less than 5 minutes.


I downloaded the automated web installer which scanned my PC for roughly 5-7 minutes searching for any other Windows LIVE products. Stupid moron windows installer, I want to install MSN Messenger, what is there to do with other live products?, can't you just pick up the path from registry or some friggin config file? Some times I really don't understand why M$ does not go for some feasibility testing

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Nokia on fire

Sunday, April 20, 2008

After buying out Trolltech, Nokia is now set to port QT to their new platform named "maemo" (Besides GTK +). I'd happily give away my IPhone (if i have one) for a phone based on such an open and extensible platform. Way to go Nokia, time to chew some apples.

Read more at the announcement

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Introducing Orkut Apps

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Today when i logged into my Orkut account I found a link that lead me to Orkut apps. These apps are some what similar to facebook apps and will allow you to share your ideas, emotions and games you like.

These apps are not yet released to the world as whole, but as always is slowly trickled to all the users in batch.

Also don't forget to check out Orkut Apps blogspot page


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So do you know how to photochopp?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

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