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Live CDs

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Live CDs distribution runs straight from the system memory without any installation and is most popular in case of System Recovery and Penetration Testing (I know most of the linux distros are available as Live CDs too).

Though illegal and treated as "Warez", Hiren Boot CD contains the most comprehensive rescue/diagnostic tools and is still quite popular amongst many users. The link to the CD image is not available anymore, but still you might want to take a look at the stuff that was/is available in the CD.

Hiren's Boot CD

[Forensic/Security/Penetration Testing]
Backtrack is the number one Live CD for penetration testing that every pen tester must have used by now. The other popular Live Distros that contain a number of security tools are Knoppix-STD, PHLAK. Just pop in the CD, boot and you are set to go.


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Hiren's BootCD 8.9

Direct Download at:

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