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Saturday, December 23, 2006

In US and most of the European countries 3-8 MBPS connection at home is quite normal. In South East Asian countries 100 MBPS has reached most homes. With this much bandwidth and connectivity some of us are still using the archaic phone service.

Today the most popular telecom service provider charge extra; be it 50$ installation, 90$ phone adapter or the exuberant amount they charge for the service.

So can we avoid the extra we pay on our old phone service? The answer is Yes - and no I am not talking about SKYPE or VONAGE (They use proprietary software and charge a lot). I am talking free (or at least close to free) landline calls, to all around the world right from your phone handsets.

I am sure you must have heard of VOIP. With VOIP you can make phone calls over the internet. Well to start saving your money all you need is a

  • VOIP adapter

  • VOIP Service provider

  • At least 2 MBPS broadband connection

  • Computer with mic/speaker or phone handset - to answer and receive phone calls.

Adapter: The adapter works like a router - It connects to the internet and divides the connection between your computer and the phone handset. It is configured from the computer so phone calls can be made or received. Configuring a router is trivial and takes a few simple steps, once registration with the VOIP service provider is complete.
The router also encodes and decodes the audio signals.

There are number of VOIP adapters available in the market with different features. You can order VOIP adapter online from http://voip-supply.com/. Above is the pic of the adapter that I have been using for quite some time. It’s a Grandstream 486.

Service Provider: GizmoProject service provide a similar SIP and phone number mapping service. You can buy a cheap number and what more you can even make 1cent a minute call to US and Canada. To save more if the party you call also has a SIP or gizmo number the calls would be charged for free (only in 60 countries).

If you don’t like buying a number then you can even buy an Area 775 number for free.

Well what if you are not in US and want to try gizmo to make cheap international calls. Well all you need is a credit card which is billed to US address. Once you buy the number you can take the adapter where ever you travel and make cheap phone calls. Please note that in some countries VOIP phone calls have some special usage restrictions. Please do check out the countries regulations on the same before using it.

An alternative VoIP service that can be used in any country for international calling is that of United World Telecom. They offer a variety of VoIP phones and VoIP software, as well as a VoIP reseller program for those looking to start their own VoIP business.

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